Friday, August 12, 2011

What Are you? Mitotero.

What Are you? Mitotero.

I have been asking this question for a long time. And, I have been doing this because I never felt like I belonged anywhere, with anyone. I believe it’s a trait the De Anda/Perez-Aguilar families have passed onto me: this tendency to be beautiful, but at the same time, oddballs, outcasts, passionate and loyal friends, and invisible but present. From San Jose, to Santa Cruz, to Stanford, and now Oaklaztlan, Matinez, and The Castro/Mission/Civic Center (where I take class and werk it), I have felt like such an anomaly. This Aztec, Mescalero-Apache, Queer: Bi, Two-Spirit Fagot-cock sucker, Large, Brown/tan, dude, Dancer, thinker—so many things at odds with each other; so many “uncommon factors”—it is a miracle I am even still alive. Most would probably be dead…most are, with just 2 of these odd things about them.

In essence, by being alive, by living the art of my life, I effectuate this anomaly. I am avant-garde simply by continuance of my conscience and life force.

The fact of the matter is,

I am not alone.

There are more out there like me…I am slowly finding them...(Well, not the BIG part, most of them are all small fagots (as is expected and required for most admission into the social scenes of the gay population) yet, few of them dance—but most of them think, and this is awesome!

Now that this is stated, I realize I am not so alone. However, I have still no idea what the fuck I am.

Anomaly is too big and vague,

And Two-Spirit—tough accurate in my sexuality, does not account for everything.

And all though other labels just don’t work unless all together.

So I created myself…

La Diva Cuauhtemoc

Cuauhtemoc Peranda

Devin Lauren

Temoc-Temmo-Taemmo-Timo-Timone- Themmo-Temo (all these names need to stop, I dislike them now, quite a bit)


But with these names, it ever became clearer that I was alone.

I do not like being alone. (I like people around, I like to go to Malls and watch people, it is my favorite thing to do, I think)

So I found that I needed to Generalize myself.

Artist, Dancer, Hipster, Native, Frat Boy, Nerd, Drag Queen, Faggot, Queer, Activist, Party Boi, Model, Ass-Wipe, Douche, Scientist, Pussy, Sissy, Indie, Preppy, Stoner, Slut---yeah, none of these worked for me.

But, I needed a generalized term for who I am and what I do. So that, at least I could feel a part of something, that included more than just 1 person (me), even, if the moment, I am the only one….

I feel like so many others out there, feel like they are a part of something.

Other than my harsh nuclear family, I do not feel connected….Yet, I feel like I am know and friendly to most.

Just because you are connected, loved, love, etc...doesn’t necessarily mean you “feel” connected—this is my issue.

So I fabricated: Mitotero, Mitotera…effectuators of Mitote.

(Just as the 6 genders were made (out of necessity) in the Ball world)

So? What does this mean?

Mind. Body. Spirit.

Art. Science. Life.

Form. Living.

Nothing. Emptiness. Everything. Fullness.

House of Light.

As Mitoteras. We are Effectuators of Mitote.

We follow the teachings of HuehueCoyotl.

We are Trickers.

We are supporters.

We are not liars.

We are not Lazy.

We value process and time.

We are odd.

We are not materialistic.

We are often queer. (Which does not mean dysfunctional)

We shape-shift due to environmental requests.

We follow magic and cudanderos.

We do not fight the divine laws of nature; rather, we continue the fractals.

We fight, oh hell yes, the social constructions, and seeming truths, created by man and woman.

We are highly sexual.

We are highly loyal.

We are observers.

We are Effectuators.

We are Mitote.

We are a new kind of artist that is so very old and primal.

We are leaders and guides.

We contemplate and meditate.

We are regal.

We help and create union.

We are Musicians, Dancers, Computer Scientists, Chemist, Engineers, Cashiers, Painters, Painters, eaters, livers, lovers, etc…

We are Muses….we make art, we create, we use logic, we find more knowledge, science and art as one.

We are Sirens…we are seductive, we are passionate, we are desired, we lull and cajole, we are free, we are protectors of that which is most sacred.

We are Erudite…(this is not a nerd)…we are teachers, we are social, we are students of all the world has to offer, we are fearless learners, we hold great wisdom, we create the knowledge, we are scholars and intellectuals, we are activist, we continue to ask questions, we continue to find more answers.

If you ask, what I am,

I am a Mitotero.

If you ask who I am,

I am La Diva Cuauhtemoc.

If you ask what is my practice,

I follow the House of Light.

If you ask what I do,

I am an artist of Mitote, Choreography, Dancing.

If you ask what is Mitote,

I say, the doing of the House of Light?

If you ask what is the House of Light,

I say, it is the Decolonization of the self, Fierceness, Compassion, Beholding, you, at your most Excellence.

If you ask who is Huehuecoyotl,

He is the Old Coyote, the storyteller, the one who helps The Creator, the muse, the guardian of Aztlan—the sacred place, the trickster, the sexual sexy nasty guy/gal, the hunchback, the loyal one, the loner, the independent, the traveler, the nomad, the artist, the flute maker, kokopeli, the creator of Mitote, the spirit of celebration and ceremony and gathering, the artist of embodied history, the one who is always there to answer questions if you have the correct thing to ask. The first Mitotero….

So, I am Mitotero La Diva Cuauhtemoc.

You may be a Christian, a gay boy, a twink, a Voguette, a chill stoner, a worker, a consultant, but I am a Mitotero.

You can be one too!!

All you have to be is a Muse, Siren, and Erudite….and follow your House of Light. Done!

I would love to meet other Mitoteros out there!



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