Wednesday, September 24, 2014

I refuse

I refuse to neglect my creativity. 
I refuse to miss out on my art any longer. 
I refuse to abuse my intellectualism with other people's needs, wants, and demands. 
I refuse to be cruel to my body and its expression any longer.

Tuesday, September 9, 2014


Beautiful brown boys with beautiful bodies, oh how I wish to hang out with you, kiss you on the cheek, and call you my boo. But do you have a beautiful mind? Do you have a beautiful heart? Past chronographs chart stories of inequalities, shade, and rude remarks or engagements. I hope that is not future time, future space is held too precious.  As you walk on, I look and imagine what has been, and what could have been, which point only to my present.

a life of creativity

I do not live a life of fame and fashion. 
I live a life of creativity. 

It is a life not about show, sexy, or glamour. 
It is a life about sexiness, lust, loss, need, celebration and performance. 

I wonder what is next to create, what is next to navigate, and what is next to fight, in order to get what I want... 
I want so much, for your an me, our equality..... 
And, I know, dance will bring it in providence.

help i'm tired

When we are tired, remember your glitter is endless.
You can always call your deep sparkle.
You can do more than you think, because you are more than you're aware of...
Finding yourself is difficult and a burden, because your true self is so much more grand than you could possibly conceive right now.
But whatever the task, no matter how much focus or energy you have, can be done, can be completed--because you are great! You have the power to transform.
Moreover, There is glitter in this world. And, it is there to help you when you are lost, when you need the help. Sparkle and glitter with it all...

-- a message from the glitter shaman

Gathering Friends

How to we begin to engage with those who are self-destructive?

Trust in yourself. Show them compassion. Don't listen to their poison, take it personally, or let it into your soul or psyche. See them as lost, and gently guide them to their own wealth of self-creativity. 

Sometimes, you will get nothing back but the knowledge & feeling of your good deed. 
But, wealth does not come from destruction. 
Wealth comes from work and creation. 
With more creative people, we build wealth in the world, from which we all benefit.

Wednesday, September 3, 2014


If you say yes to something,
you are saying no to something else.

We cannot do all of the things in life all of the time,
There is choice,
there is energy,
everything else is time and space.

How will you change yourself,
how will you change the world,
what choices will you make today,
how will you expend your energy?
how will you work?
what will you work on?

when you say yest to television, you are saying no to (doing the dishes, gym, playing with kids, showering, laundry, etc)
I think television is such a waste of time... It is not relaxing, resting, or soothing--it is escapism--it is an active activity of the mind to "numb, escape, resist". True rest is constructive rejuvenating repair.  
Life is constant struggle of labor and work.
But we choose our work, and we choose our results.

But what of that which we cannot change?
We become stronger, we deal, we work with it, we adapt, we cope, and we build upon, out of the chaos we create beauty, brilliance, strength, power, joy.

Say yes to joy, say yes to rest, say yest to work.

Say no to escapism, fear, shame.