Friday, February 17, 2017

Prayer for the Boo

Prayer for the Boo
by P. Dante CuauhtĂ©moc 

Dear Boo
My love of the night
in a phone call I hear such fright
The Future.
As uncertain as the moon's sight
forever biting at our love
coaxing us to bear that soul
that melts us
feeds us
bind us
and for now, has kept us apart.
Dear Boo
I miss the intensity of your noes,
nestled up against your sweet eyes
beside calming cheeks
I miss it because
those nose boo kisses helps us feel
and in outer space
where no boo has gone before.
Looking at our future,
and all its possibilities
knowing too well the past
I stop
I pray
I will not go back to the day
of being frozen
in the great unknown...
"...must trust the unknown"
Jomama Jones once said:
"Life is Motion, Life is Motion, Life is Motion!",
and I believe her.
As long as we keep dancing
as we know we want to
the moon's bite, reminds us
it is only the pinch
for us to yell AYE!
and LET'S GO!
and be the peaceful, happy, and good boos,
I know, we are.

Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Grad school is hard...

Grad School is hard…
by CuauhtĂ©moc Peranda 

Grad School is hard.
I cope by being extra
Extra Joy, Extra dancing, Extra Tacos...
They help me rise
When all I want to do is crumble and fall
Down down
To fall, to descend...
I lost the message I was supposed to send...
With that Triple "S"
For that triple "D"
Come to me!
Taste this
Y se llama paco.
I love you extra big
Mis amores son largos, gordos, y grandes.
We betta' werk hermanas,
Grad school is hard.