Danza Azteca

I will be teaching Aztec Dance and Culture at Mills College for the Fall Semester, 2011. Tuesday and Thursdays from 1-2:15pm.


I currently Sergento De Danza at Tlaloc-Chalchihuitlicue Danza Aztec Grupo in San Jose, CA.

I have learned from Tezcatlipoca (San Jose, CA), and White-Hawk (Watsonville, CA), and I continue my Aztlan-Indigenous-Sacred practice and teachings with these groups and many other throughout California. Often, I travel around the country to participate/continue in my ceremonial dances and Aztlan practice.

I have taught Danza Azteca at the Beach Flats Barrio in Santa Cruz, CA, and have provided ceremonial dance and song for Stanford University's Dia Del Los Muertos Celebrations.

Please Contact me for presentations/experiences, private classes, and other cultural information.
(I do not do exhibitions or provide entertainment--only cultural exchange, sharing, and blessing.)

Thank You