Friday, April 13, 2012

The Story of my Heart

When I look to the sky

There is no moon

Only stars.

The moon’s gravity,

It is my heart

Onto my stomach,

It aches and turns,

Tides of the sea

Leaving empty pool of thought and tears,

What is left

Across the sands of time

And the voice of space

Is my memory of emotion.

Today the sunlight is rare.

A warm smell of light and rain:


Lightning strikes us together forever.

A split then did occur,

To my heart:

When you left.

Sweet Mocha;

Sweet honey;

Romance by the library, by flowers, at dusk.

The lightning bugs, which never existed here,

Come to life, to our kiss,


With our dreams:

It was then

My heart was split into five

The moon broken.

Nothing but erratic love now.

Pours onto all with its sugar and grace:


I love you.

The five of you,

Now who hold the shards of the moon.

.No more is there a cow jumping

A bed time story to put him the sleep

The little boy is alone

Stomach is in craze

The sun, unable to burn.


Until the moon’s own gravity can come together the shards once lost,

This is the…..



In an empty sky.

Thursday, April 12, 2012

New Award for the Choreographer

E.L. Wiegand Foundation Award – Departmental Excellence

This award is given for overall departmental excellence.

Cuauhtémoc Peranda

April 23rd, 2012
Mills College

Tuesday, April 10, 2012


Applying an Indigenous perspective to conventional ‘western’ scholarship, this paper proposes a dance praxis entitled Mitote, which seeks to produce an Indigenous dance process of decolonization for Indigenous liberation and empowerment. This document serves as a starting point for the evolution of contemporary Indigenous dance work that respects Indigenous land and protocols of cultural production, yet is innovative, avant-garde, and modern. Under the premise that modern dance is intimately related to traditional Indigenous dance, this project proposes a process for the decolonization of contemporary modern dance. Ultimately, it provides a means to lift the ideology of “the Natives as the static past” and place them into the present and innovative future. Held as a living, growing, and developing research document cataloguing this author’s own artistic process, this paper is only a short beginning of a life’s work, practice, research, and creation.

MITOTE: A Manifesto for Avant-Garde Dance Written In Indigenous Knowledge

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Golden Girls Brought to the now!

Dear All,

You may not know it, but the Golden Girls are a huge inspiration to me. It is a show about Cheesecake, Sex, Self-Confidence, Fun, Comedy, and FRIENDSHIP!!!
It really is true, generous fierceness!

And now, there is this Rap that makes it all more real, and all the more current!

Thank You A-1 for this masterpiece!

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Dance is not about pretty people on stage. Models and Go-Go and Strippers do that better. Dance is about movement, the art of movement choice, of the self, in space and time.They are the many the crafts of our movements, the arts of creating an event which is call "a dance" that are the arts of dance. Being pretty on stage is one thing, to move and speak with the body, with rhythm and spatial relationship.....that is dance.