Wednesday, June 1, 2011


There are four Pillars of the Dance Practice of Mitote:

There are 4 factors:

Decolonization, House of Light, Elders.
Fierceness, embodiment of self&wholeness, Men.
Breath, play/innovation, Children.
Boundless Creation, Divinity, Women.

The Technique of Mitote, the training, as I see it, is Vindiction:

Conviction--with all power, with passion, in strength
Vindication--to prove, to create, to empower
Vindictive--to get back, to fight, to resist

  • Voguing--fierceness, space, pose, poise, lovely luscious self
  • Cunningham--clean movement, anti-exaggeration, abstracted movement, the body's full power/range, mind body exhilaration and challenge.
  • Aztec--traditionalism, mathmatics, logic, prayer, the world, 4 directions, sacred, commmunitas, kinesthesia,
  • Contact Improv--Improvisation, proprioception, kinesthesia, senses, contact, weight, self and group somatics.

House of Light:
  • Decolonization
  • Re-birth
  • Re-Integration
  • Individuality
  • Communitas

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