Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Police probe gay SF man's death

Police probe gay SF man's death

He didn't know Canul-Arguello to go to Buena Vista Park, which is known as a popular gay cruising spot.

However, he recalled warning Canul-Arguello to be careful about the people he went out with. He said that Canul-Arguello had once told him about meeting a man who was from Los Angeles in a bar.

"He went with him to have sex with him, and I told him, 'You don't know this guy,'" but Canul-Arguello had said, "No, he seems nice," Perez said.

So scary that this happened on June 10th. So Sad I am that Freddy Roberto Canul-Arguello is dead, gone from this earth. Burned, most likely out of hatred and fag bashing. All things my mother was scared for me.

Use condoms. Don't take candy from strangers. Be careful. There are people who want to kill you for many reasons, or none at all.

Not always do these words stick. Our parents protect and warn us...however, life is not perfect...mistakes happen, and evil is everywhere...but death is not the beginning nor the end....with this death we continue on...we fight, for justice and continual peace/decolonization....


To me, The Voguette was truely a wonderful dance I made, so much, so much inside it. I wish all could have seen it, I wish to reproduce it again in the future... the death of Canul-Arguello--I understand, I am sad....For those of us with House Families, we are only a bit more protected...hatred and death still hunt us all...

"Hook-up in the Park"

a Scene from The Voguette.

To me it is a very important part of the work....It is the part that speaks true to desire and loss...and its see this part live, is scary, exciting, sexy, funny, and beautiful....

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