Tuesday, July 26, 2011


Who am I?

I am Cuauhtemoc.

What do you do?

I must dance.

I am a dancer. I exist in time and space, and push through with force and energy.

Passion leads to my artistic expressions of what I do, how i dance.

Fierceness is my tool.

Compassion is my rule.

The House of Light is my Philosophy.

Excellence is my goal.

Community is my home.

what do you expect of yourself?

I expect myself to be a good person.

I expect myself to be an upstanding citizen.

I expect myself to be an odd and extreme radical to all those who are not themselves.

I expect myself to be the Greatest Intellectual-Scholar-Warrior-Dancer-Choreographer-Leader possible; I expect that I will become Legendary. I desire and expect myself to be an extreme all-knowing being. I wish to continue to learn, continue to teach, and continue to discuss...continue to dance....

I feel at home in Kinesthesia-Communitas...I love the club world, it is good to me :)

I enjoy silence because it does not exist.

Indeterminacy Is my work. Improvisation is my score. The body is my resource. Space is my Canvas.

--I am Cuauhtemoc

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