Monday, September 5, 2011

Go Go Dancers

What if I changed my thesis topic to the "Dominance and Subordination by the Performance of Male and Female Go-Go Dancers"--how the human eye objectifies or subjectifies these living things....and what power they have over the audience/viewer...and what they mean to our culture, to our expectations, to our desires, to our ideals, and to our reality....oooo, sounds like a great paper! ugh! so much to write, so little time :/

More importantly, I am really interested in how we view Female Go-Go vs. Male Go-Go. Less thinking about strippers, or prostitutes (which is what they suggest) more, the art of Go-Go....and how are they seen but the queer world, and the straight world....what is in the performance of this "kind" of sexuality and aesthetic? What is their place? what sensations does their dancing bring about? ooo so interesting :D

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