Tuesday, October 25, 2011

The Gay Reality

The Gay reality


Yes. We had sex.

We—being, me and one of the many other boys, men, boiz out there.

It’s a private matter, and it is between us.

It does not define our relationship—sometimes it does, but it does not have to....

Often, the sex, should be seen as something we “did”.

It is a private matter, between us, and we keep it between us.

Should it happen again, it is between us, it is our private matter...

Of course, a confusion occurs in one when the ‘us’ is shared with so many others…

This is often hilarious, a source for many gay comedies, confusions, and depressions.

The many is confusing….

But, no matter what, this matter of sex is privately shared between the two—for that particular event of sex—or, perhaps between many, if that was such a sex that did occur.

The point here is: that you must respect other’s privacy.

More importantly, you need to respect your privacy, your partner’s privacy, your “us”.

In America, respect is not taught anymore.

Definitely not to gay boys, men, boiz.

Respect your body, respect your mind, respect each other—it is rare these days.

Perhaps, this is why Mitote come into existence now.

A need for respect, beholding, and movement initiated out of our self, our light.

Time to bring back sacredness in our gay self.

Let our bodies sing. Let the song between each other be private. Be respectful.

Let them do their thing.


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