Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Questions for an essay to get into school

Questions for an essay to get into school

1. Tell me, write me a story. 2 sentences per question, maybe more, which tell me a remarkable experience in your life, which gave you an impulse, a calling, a necessity to go to college. In other word, tell me who you are, and why you want, need to go to college.

Question: Who are you? (general)

Question: Why do you want to go to college? (You)

Question: Which college are you interested in attending? (Harvard, Morehouse, UCLA)

Question: Why this particular college? (Music? Professors? Techonolgy?)

**write the essay as if you are talking to the Admittance Director of that particular college**

Question: What are you interested in? (???)

Question: why are you interested in that? (I makes me feel, I contemplate and discover…)

Question: Is what you are interested in going to be your career? Why/why not?

Question: What are you interested in making your career? How will you achieve it

(not in terms of classes, courses, programs, or grad school, but in another fashion…passion?)

Question: Where did you grow up?

Question: How did that place (s) where you grew up affect you? (U.S., State, County, Race/ethnic understanding/ties, tradition, self-righteousness-discovery-responsibility)

Question: where did you attend school?

Question: What is an interesting and important event that happened in your school?

Question: Are you good in school? Why or why not?

Question: What are you good at? Why?

Question: what are you bad at? Why? How are you improving?

Question: How will this particular college allow you to achieve your dreams?

Question: how will you give back to the college why you are there?

Question: How will this college enable you to be an upstanding citizen?

Question: How will you give back to the college as an alumnus/a?

Answer each of these questions in 2-9 sentences. From there, edit into a good order. This order could be fine—but ensure that the introduction introduces YOU!!!! No statistics, no big statements, YOU!!!! And the last statement is YOU!!! Let the reader remember you and how you will be a great fit for this college, and how you will be a great person to have as an alumnus/a.

Let it be known that they really want you!!!!

Once you answer these questions, you will have an essay! If not more! Description is better than facts! Admittance counselors read thousands of essays, make your essay interesting and easy to read.


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