Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Alonzo KIng

Here are some Quotations and thought from an interview with this amazingly articulate choreographer.

"when you listen to music, you are hearing thought made audible, and when you see dance, you are witnessing thought made visible" -- Alonzo King ... chill.
not just whim, and emotion, but thought structures.

"intuition that needs not validation--internal knowing, goal of the artist"

"really tapping into the uniqueness of my voice"

‎"aim of art is higher than art" Emerson "role of art is for the good of man" Aristotle

"artist have been separated from society, as these afreet, isolated, egotist...taken away from the rigorous masculinity, vigor, of ordinary life...."

‎"the end of your life, you become a masterpiece of humanity"

‎"think of art as a knowledge, we see its real purpose"

‎"we are consciousness"

‎"technique as 2nd be lost and not self-conscious...I want my dancers to represent the world"

‎"painfully look at television"

"spirituality as practicality" ... "if you don't recognize anything larger than you in your life, what is the point of living?"

"find gratitude..." Mitote: give thanks

‎"people are poorly trained today"

"the body is an interference--what really is happening is spirit--the spirit is dancing...not trained in ideas, just imitation of forms"

maybe that's why i danced, i became a choreographer....i was not trained in a form, i was trained in ideas and spirit. mitote

From the Archives: Alonzo King

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Celebrated choreographer Alonzo King discusses the new season of LINES ballet. The San Francisco contemporary dance troupe is performing a world premiere set to music in the Sephardic tradition. We reprise a portion of the interview as part of our special holiday programming.

Host: Michael Krasny


  • Alonzo King, choreographer and artistic director of LINES Ballet

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