Wednesday, May 9, 2012


Mitote is not about the Release Technique celebrated by so many of the post-modernist. It is a revisit of the older forms and principals. It uses the fundamental of tension from suspension to swing—but also bound flow, and mutli-vector focus and pull. The shapes and forms are symbolic resonances of the past, taping into our ancestral memory. Mitote enjoys the now, playing in and with the trends, with the ancient. The Contemporary Traditional works principally, and we continue to innovate, explore, and experiment. The rigor comes from the attachment to the found, ancient knowledge, while being in the flow of the new….this is Mitote. 

it can be done in the dance studio
it can be done on the dance floor at a club
it can be done in a sacred circle
it can be done on the beach, in the forest, in your room, in the shower
it can be done in your sleep--in fact, that is where it is most profound
it can be done on the runway
it is really a is a very flexible, because the dance is in tune with its dancer, and as the dancer crosses borderlands and spaces, so does the dance!

the magic of Mitote!!!

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