Thursday, July 26, 2012


Dear Friends,

I would very much like to share with you some clips from my recent and past work. At the moment, I am in the process of getting a full recording of the night's work, but so far, it just looks like it's gonna take some time.

Presented here are some clips of Frolic! Rainbow Circle. The performance was a dance concert made to premier my newest work "FROLIC!"-- a full duet, running time of 33 min, which addressed, explored, and danced, some of the struggles 2 spirit peoples have had to endure over the last 500 years. Though the work is more or less dark in theme and aesthetic, I feel as though I have created a very somber and contemplative work. It is "happy and gay" in its oldest and most fundamental ways--it is not a celebratory dance, but a war dance, and and honor dance....a transformation dance, a frolic itself sometimes unseen. For me, there are 2 sides, or more sides, to everything--even if something, in its definition, is cheer, there is also sadness...but there is cheer, a more solid cheer: we are still alive, we are dancing! Us Two-Spirit!

This first Clip is the Introduction and entrance of the 2 dancers, myself and Vai. Here we are setting up the space, opening the sacred space for dance:

This Next clip is part of the opening sequence still...but there is a transition....times itself has entered into the work...the space is set up, and now the dancers are 2 different beings rather than just 2 ppl dancing.... 

This last clip is from the 2nd to last dance sequence called : "Clay". It is a physical creation story of how the people of this earth were made. From the nothing, from the lifeless, spirit and light was put into clay, and this is how the first humans were created...once corn meal and pollen was added, we could be truly who we are now...yet, to be reborn is to go through this grotesque life struggle... to be reborn is what we must do be find yourself pure and ready to love. 


The costumes are by Nube F. Cruz
The Music is by Gretchen Jude
The Choreography is by Cuauhtemoc Peranda
The work is Danced by Vai Alefonsio and Cuauhtemoc Peranda

If you have any questions, please comment and ask!


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