Tuesday, April 9, 2013


FROLIC!: Rainbow Circle
The Garage, 715 Bryant St., San Francisco--June 20th, 8pm
**Look for the RED DOOR**

June 20th -- 8pm -- The Garage -- 715 Bryant St. San Francisco, CA

“Frolic: Rainbow Circle”, is a dance concert which commemorates the 500 year history of the Two-Spirit/Queer Indigenous peoples’ presence. It’s a remembrance, an honoring, and a renewal through dance. Created by the Cuauhtemoc Peranda Mitote Dance Company, a male-Aztec Warrior, and a lady-Samoan Warrior have created an HONOR DANCE, which gives thanks to the existences and fight of the queer, two-spirit Native peoples of the past and the future. This four-part duet dances through movement a Creation Story, a War Dance, a blessing through Smoke and Ash, and a Flower and Rebirth dance. This dance presents the indigenous Aztec calendar’s shift from Ometeotl (Divine Duality, 5th Sun) to new sun Xochipilli (Flower, Integrated dual-gender, peace, 6th Sun). It is a necessary dance, a Milestone of the Aztec Peoples, and the National Queer Arts Festival. Dancing through space and time, four feet bless the stage in a contemporary duet, a Frolic.
This dance is made possible by a grant through the Queer Cultural Center of San Francisco.
BUY TICKETS! Brown Paper Tickets Link: https://www.brownpapertickets.com/event/231643
$12-20 Sliding Scale, No One Turned Away for lack of funds

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--Frolic, Picture by Rachel Holt

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