Monday, April 8, 2013

Random Philosophical Moral Question to the Choreographer

Reality check requested:
In the exercise of a gregarious positioning, for the primary purpose of acquiring new/positive/exciting fulfillment, is it precarious to oneself to be sincere and is it unjust to self to be insincere?
I anticipate that the problem is in going overboard with all of new/positive/exciting at once. There must be a reward in there somewhere.
Asking for a "friend."


The Reward is fulfillment, and an expanded and more encompassing life--if that is something you desire. Moreover, to not engage is to remain static and dull.... festering in the superficial.

There is, however, nothing wrong with the festering, if that is how you wish to live your life--but is is not the only option, and it is not an option for me....because I live a life of exploration and learning: creation, love, and light.
Yes, it is precarious to be sincere. To be open, and honest, is to be vulnerable--thus easily hurt.
Yes, to be insincere is unjust, because it be come toxic, untrue, and ugly.
So where is the median?
You must be sincere to yourself, and tactical with the surrounding ecosystem. This of course requires great work in knowing yourself, and knowing the world.
Know your loves, non-loves, your tastes, moods, abilities, strengths and ignorance.
Know how the world works, plays, functions, operates, and evolves.
Adapt. Self-preservation.

It is a basic instinct for all animals on this earth to be self-preservative, self-creative, pro-create, and adapt. It is even on the subatomic level, and in the consciousness of the chaotic logic of the world.
It is not insincere to be tactical with how your work with others. It is respectful and cordial, it is tactical. To work with others you do not like, to speak good of a person, even though you do not like them, may be insincere, but if it is important to the success of your being, than it is tactical, and important to your survival.
You must at all times remember people in multiple ways. Everything is diverse, bad, evil, good, great, special, beautiful, ugly. You just need to see the tasks at hand, and know how to engage, given a certain time and circumstance.
This is my wisdom to you. Love yourself, Love your friend, be tactical, sense and feel more, search for happiness, do the work necessary to get what you want, and most importantly, be unconventional, and learn to bend the laws.


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