Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Dissociative Identity Disorder in Adolescence or Adulthood ( DSM IV), or an Artist?

Cuauhtemoc Peranda. The Performance Theorist. Born 1988 in San Jose,  California. Master of the Fine Arts of Dance. Leader in the Indigenous and Queer Communities. Expert on the history and development of Vogue/Voguing/Performace and Ballroom Subculture. Student of Modern Arts and Ideas. Professional Dancer and Choreographer of Aztec Dance, Modern Dance, Contemporary Dance, and Vogue. Writer and teacher of life and love. Mentor and kind hearted soul.

Glitter Shaman. The mystical beast of Glitter. Sexual and Life Deviant. Wise looker of things. Speaker of truth. Objective. Often is in Hawaii meditating by the beach. Lives in San Francisco. Born of broken glass and foil. Present for blessings. Sacred Man of wind and earth.

Grandmother Azucar Aguilar . Born in 1491. Wise woman. Queer Woman. Mother. Teacher. Offers experience. Is filled with love and compassion. Always present for you. Woman as sweet as dew.

Muse Mitote. Born in San Francisco, California. Dancer and inspirational speaker. Eloquent and confused. Fighter. Warrior. Silly man. Liker of all things odd and absurd. Horny. Lustful. Imitative. Rude. Rambunctious. Free.  Affordable. Chisemosa.

Prince Devin Lauren Van Cartier. Fierce and Full of Sade. Born whatever year keeps him 22. Teacher, Voguer, Performer. Slut not promiscuous . Man of shadows. Giver. Rich. Expensive. Loud. Studious. From Chicago. Often is found in Los Angeles.

Antonio Mitote. The Learner. The Innocent. The Boy. Also know as ChuChu…

Temo De Anda. The friend. The Big teddy Bear. The novice. The hard worker. The tired. The silly.

Cuauhtemoc Mitote. The Artist.....

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