Friday, October 4, 2013

Gay Gang, a group little known

By Enrique Acevedo

Sisco Romero and Sergio Rios were rival gang members in Los Angeles, California. However, neither imagined that this rivalry would become a unique partnership: love.

Both hid a secret which, if revealed, would have cost them life. In the world of gangs, "do not approve of homosexuality. There was so much emotional abuse, "says Romero.

Both Sergio and Sisco entered World l very young gangs.

Sergio says his mother rather see him in a gang rather than having to accept his homosexuality.
"The latest I heard from my mother who told me that I suck," he says with pain.

For Sisco, on the other hand, the criminal was his way of being accepted and appear to be heterosexual at the same time. "Hide it was very easy in this world," said Rivers.

Gang members face stereotypes gay culture from which they come, and the pressure to maintain posture of rude and violent men requiring social group they belong to.

"We had a bunch of women and other men with the same name. One of the girls and pretended to be a lesbian couple. She covered me and I her, "says Rios.

Dino Dinco is the director of Homeboy, a documentary that explores the lives of six Hispanic men who were part of gangs while living an internal struggle against his true identity.

The young filmmaker Sergio and Sisco believes are part of an underrepresented population and known, and wanted to bring their personal stories to the big screen.

"I think the documentary not only helps women and gay men, but also to heterosexuals, so that they can understand," said Dinco.

According to a report from the University of California, there are about nine million homosexuals in the country. However it is very difficult to know the exact number of gay gang, since most do not accept their sexual orientation. A report released today says that Hispanics are 1.4 million who acknowledge being gay.

Currently Sisco has a partner and says he feels relieved, away from gang life and also suffered discrimination. "I feel very good, because my family supports me, she loves me unconditionally and I love my partner. It feels great, "he says.

For Sergio Romero, things have also improved. He now has a steady job and going to college, though still unable to achieve that for years has been his greatest desire in life.

"The opportunity to have a family. But now that I'm openly gay and I know, I see the hope of having my parents back in my life, "he said.

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