Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Dancing our Dreams into Reality

When I understood the difference between Dreams and Fantasy, I could dance again.
It was understanding the difference between Mitote/PowWow and Fun/Clubbing/Ratchet life.
Both exist in the world of art, wonder, and mystical confusion of infinite possibility, but they are sourced from different springs of our soul.
Let us engage in work.
Let us engage in dance.
Let us pray.
Let us love.
Let us engage in celebration.
Let us engage in fantasy.
Let us create and inspire new possibilities for our lives—Let us be Art.
Life is so diverse, varied, and mysterious; it is hard not to get lost in all the different mode and facets of its endless flow of magic.

Fantasies are pure enjoyment and play. Dreams can be dance into reality, they are reality. 

by Cuauhtemoc Mitote, MFA

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