Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Bien Glitter Betch

They had thought I liked to party.
Because they met me at the bar.
An After Party of a show, or performance, concert, or mitote.....
They assumed, there, was where the party was...
They arrived late.
Before my arrival, there was no party.
Before my arrival, it was just a bar.
So they partied with me, and we played in the moonlight.
Stardust a plenty, and I remained sober.
They assumed I was a party boy.
They assumed I needed that stardust to survive.
My glitter is what they ate that night.
The stardust was there because of me.
I taught them glitter.
So where do I belong? Where am I from?
An Ivory tower. Solitude. Vision, Creativity, Imagination. A studio & study. A Laboratory.
My home is not the bar--my home is an empty space.
What you tasted was the afterglow and afterbirth of my dance.
The uranium from the reservation of my mind.
You still glow my friend.
Radioactive glitter is hard to extinguish.

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