Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Work Practice for Innovation

1.    What are we looking at?
2.    Do we need a better Solution?
3.    What are the current solutions?
4.    Pause. Breathe.
5.    Gather Happiness, & believe there is a better way.
6.    Allow yourself and others Kindness.
7.    Bring Compassion to your thoughts.
8.    Believe & Act through a Love Ethic, to provide you guidance.
9.    Keep Generosity in mind, give everything, & hold nothing back.

10.                       What else can we do here?
11.                       Refine the idea. Find its Source Material-Issue.
12.                       Extrapolate! Ideate!
13.                       Draw ideas’ connections.
14.                       What else is needed or necessary for execution of endeavor?
15.                       Order ideas in linear or grid format.

16.                       Create summary and proposal.
17.                       Present, presentation, & demand follow through, consideration, and                 execution.
18.                       Respect different perspective. All ideas are valid.
19.                       Refine discussion and plan to the necessary.
20.                       Execute plan.
21.                       Refine plan as needed.

22.                       Return to step 1.

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