Monday, April 28, 2014

Sex & Love

Of course you can divide sex from love. You can have great, passionate, hot, sweaty, sex with a stranger, never knowing their name. This is nothing new...
But can you, yes, can you go further?
Divide sex from Lust?
Divide sex from sexiness? 

Can you enjoy sex for all it is. In the privacy of your safe space?

Then, go on to enjoy lust, detached from sex, just the emotion and sensuality of lust, in its singular existence?

What about sexiness? Can you be sexy? And enjoy sexiness of others without the need for sex? Without the desire to complete the sexual act with another, enjoying the emotional logic of sexual alluring sensation in its abstract form?

Here we begin a deep discipline, a deep spiritual practice.

Because, we can hold love elsewhere, we can hold love in its purity.

Love's detachment from desire, lust, sexiness, allure, and sexuality, and leave it to its purity of: affections, respect, care, communications, recognition, & trust.

--The Glitter Shaman 

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