Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Good Evil Peace

In my meditation, I have discovered that both Evil and Good forces want peace. I have discovered that both Good and Evil forces are not that different in their wants, desires, and spirit. What makes them different are their actions, intentions, morals, ethics, remorse and empathy.

Evil is destructive: self-destructive and environmentally destructive—it will stop at nothing to get peace, pleasure, safety, of preservation of its self, wants, goals, and needs. Evil will kill, destroy, lust, and loathe. And, in the end, it will have complete corrupt power and control, providing it peace of mind, and ease to attain all that it requests and loves. But, that love is imperfect—due to neglect, lack of commitment, carelessness, and destruction of all trust and respect for the self, and the world. Good, on the other hand, wants peace, but has the will to attain it though a moral and fair, empathetic path of actions. Good looks towards process and struggle, resistance, and perseverance to attain all it needs and loves. Good creates solutions around and with obstacles of life; it is self-creative and environmentally sustainable; good is creative.

For me, this is really important to think about, because I often get lost in my journey of life—and I need to have a way to find my path.

There is so much good and evil in the world—and what I did find is that they are not that different, and are easily mistaken for each other. Also, both good and evil exist in everything. This is the natural order of things. And, most importantly, both evil and good want peace.

But, for clairvoyance, I look to an action’s vision of peace, and path towards peace, and I ask: is it creative, or is it destructive… And, I know if I’m entering in Evil or Good.

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