Tuesday, August 26, 2014

go in peace

Goodbye Angel. 

It is now time that I leave you to your life, and I continue with my own. 
No more contact between us. 
The tie severed, deleted..... 

I will always love you. I told you so, and it is true. 

And, with that love, and with my own love to myself, I cut the connection, I break apart from the gravity. 

I will miss you, but I know you are safe, and I am safer. 

You said you will be there for me when I need you... and yet, you were not there for me, you were not there for me when I needed you as a friend. Too many times, you abused my trust, and neglected my devotion to our friendship: a friendship made weak by your inability to put energy and effort into it--your inability to love in a good way.

You said you planned a dinner for me. That you want to have one for me. But knowing you, that will never happen. You have never planned to be with me. Never. It was always through my effort that any of our meetings ever occurred. You never took the risk, went out on a limb, to reach me. And now I am gone. Will you find me? I am not hard to find.

I will always love you. 

But, I am he who walks away to descend. 

As the Lion I am, the Leo, so well called out by your breeze, I leave, I wonder the lands... enchanting, enchanted fabulous fierce lion of light, glitter, and graceful clairvoyance.

If you find me, what for? 
If you find me, why?
If you find me, what then?
If you find me, of course I still love you...
If you find me, will then you start to be a good friend, and prioritize our friendship in your life?
If you don't find me, I will still love you, and I will still be that artist in your life past, and you the air of a memory under a moon. 

You once said I should never talk to you again. You said it was because you were a bitch, a bad person. Well, I don't believe in bad people, I believe in bad choices. You choose to enact the behavior of a bitch, you choose to perform and create yourself into a bad person. I know you are not this, but I cannot wait for you to figure out how to be lovely again... I cannot... 


I hope you go, live in peace....

with love, 


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