Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Rules Of Mitote

Rules of Mitote
  1. No Shame. No Fear.
  2. Get your Shit together.
  3. Be the Fierceness.
  4. Consider Everything an Experiment.
  5. What are you doing? What else can you do?
  6. There is no Win or Fail—There is only Make.
  7. The only rule is work.
  8. Do not create & analyze at the same time.
  9. Find Happiness in everything.
  10. Allow for Improvisation & Indeterminacy, X-Quantities.
  11. Money is for saving.
  12. Dance is the movement of people & things in time & space.
  13. Choreography is the poetics of dance.
  14. Focus on the joys of your processes.

Mitote Choreographics, 2014

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