Wednesday, September 3, 2014


If you say yes to something,
you are saying no to something else.

We cannot do all of the things in life all of the time,
There is choice,
there is energy,
everything else is time and space.

How will you change yourself,
how will you change the world,
what choices will you make today,
how will you expend your energy?
how will you work?
what will you work on?

when you say yest to television, you are saying no to (doing the dishes, gym, playing with kids, showering, laundry, etc)
I think television is such a waste of time... It is not relaxing, resting, or soothing--it is escapism--it is an active activity of the mind to "numb, escape, resist". True rest is constructive rejuvenating repair.  
Life is constant struggle of labor and work.
But we choose our work, and we choose our results.

But what of that which we cannot change?
We become stronger, we deal, we work with it, we adapt, we cope, and we build upon, out of the chaos we create beauty, brilliance, strength, power, joy.

Say yes to joy, say yes to rest, say yest to work.

Say no to escapism, fear, shame.

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