Monday, December 1, 2014

#Okanda 2

I love you so much
My left shoulder blade wants to dig deep into your nexus
Your chest 
Will you put your arms around me
Will you hold me tight
Laying still in time slowed for savoring soup

May I close my eyes
Will you sing to me
Will you tell me what to do next as we arise
Will you help me see through convolution

You help me so much
Your warmth and your touch
You are always smiling at me
Giving me a side eye
And evading my advances

You dive into me, a ball of care
And I don't let go
I love you
I do not know what to do next
I do not have the answers
I only know how to slow down with you

And when you leave
And life speeds up
I do not know where I am
And I cannot say when I am
I only know
I miss you

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