Thursday, October 1, 2015

Pusheen & Marxism

Adventures of Desun and Cuauhtii
Desun: can you explain the Marxist superstructure to me? as it related to the field of dance?
Cuauhtii: yeah, I tagged you in a pusheen picture of it. You can think of dancers as commodities of labor, and that dance scholars are part of the management or higher, because of their intellectualism. Dance scholars are part of the superstructure of the field, while dancers do the work, and are not even considered.
Desun: did you just use pusheen?
Cuauhtii: yea, why?
Desun: are you doing pusheen studies? or Kawaii Muscle Puscheen Dance Studies?
Cuauhtii: YUP!
Desun & Cuauhtii: .....   :3

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