Friday, December 11, 2015

Antonio discovers Twax:

Antonio discovers Twax:

A: hey so this is where you live?
T: yeah, I live with my parents...I used to live alone, on my own, when i moved out when I was 17. But you know, it got me here.
A: oh, yea... Tina?
T: yea, so you gonna fuck me?
A: yeah...I you got poppers?
T: yeah, you party? oh shit no, yea you don't
A: yeah I think Im allergic or something
T: k... kk... I don't suck dick man... I have a boy you know?
A: yea I get you. k, you got lube bro?
T: yeah yeah. aw shit no, lotion okay?
A: sure...
T: K... let's go, Let me just set up one thing first.

//They start taking off their own clothes. Twax sets up the TV, and plays porn. There isn't any sound, and then some R&B/HIP HOP comes on overlaying the porn. Lights fade.//
//lights up, the two start putting on clothes//

Twax: you like that shit?
Antonio: yeah? what's that called?
T: its a popper trainer, its on Xtube all over the..... place...yea...tells you when to huff and when to take that shit.
A: cool i'll look that up.
T: k. let me clean up okay? I need to finish some things over here, can you please wait in the car?
A: yeah I will.
T: don't leave me okay? please don't leave me? please? wait, i'll be 5 there in 5 min.
A: right due. oh btw you need to make me a CD of the music, it was dope!
T: yea lot of dudes say that, they like my music. but that's my life, I love music. I'd love to get into that, you know, I have, tho, but music is my life, a lot of people say that. k don't leave me k?
A: right.

//antonio gets into the car and waits, listens to NPR talk about racism in the supreme courts//
//Twax enters with 2 sprite cans of soda//

Twax: sorry dude, I didn't have coffee
Antonio: all good, I don't drink that but that's cool.
T: thanks for driving me to work, it's just a right, then all the way down.
A: yeah I don't know Hayward that well, so just keep directing me.
T: cool.
A: so you have a man?
T: yeah, he cheats on me a lot but I love him.
A: what's going on? I mean you just fucked me?
T: Yeah, I mean.... he fucks other dudes, and I fuck other dudes, and its hard you know. But I love him and he loves me. like yeah. but we are exclusive. I've asked him to have an open relationship, but he don't want me with other guys like that?
A: yeah you should just have an open relationship. fuck other dudes, and date each other.
T: yeah but its hard with Tina. like it's gotten rid of all my friends. not like I need them anyways. It's ruined my life. but I still have a house and live with my parents. so I'm cool. I just have him, even if when I leave him he's looking for another dude to get high with, I know he say he's not fucking anyone else, but the moment he closes the door, he's looking for his next hook-up to pick up. our addiction is killing, us, we need rehab before it kills both of us.
A: yea...
T: yo you can leave me off here, this my work
A: okay... bye.
T: yeah keep the soda. thanks for the ride.
//Twax leaves the car//
Antonio: he's not going to work...I bet there is a pick up here....I wonder if Devin knows this dude...


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