Saturday, December 5, 2015

Boo Kawaii Professionals

The Adventures of Desun Oka and Cuauhtii:
D: So boo you working on papers?
C: No, not yet, I am mostly in rehearsals, getting ready for final showings, and reading a lot... I need to finish the physical stuff before I write.
D: I see I see, cool... Like OMG boo! You're doing it! And soon, you're gonna be a professor!
C: Yup at Harvard, that's the goal, create a new kind of dance program there.
D: That's so cool! Dr. Cuauhtii, Professor Peranda.
C: Yes, that, or Professor Okanda -- I like that one better.
D: Hehe oh yeah?
C: Yup! Then we can be professors together!
D: And be super cute?
C: We'll be hella kawaii!!!

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