Sunday, January 10, 2016

Stay Sass-y by Thong Nguyen

I love collecting these shorts of post, because they inspire me to think about all sorts of questions, such as:
-What does it mean to be sassy?
-How does San Jose, as an epicenter of tech and males play into gay fantasy?
-What does it mean or matter for gay asian men to self-identify as sassy? If the gay asian male is "supposed" to be "quiet and passive", how does sass subvert our expectations of asian males? And how does it challenge our perspectives of gay asian males? And further, how does sass disrupt our expectations for masculinity?
-How does sass add and trouble the discursive gay identity or schema?
-Can sass be danced? How? Can this dance be materialized? Could this photograph be an artifact of sassy choreography?
-Is sass gendered? Can sass exist outside of gender? Can sass be a gender itself?
-How can, and how is, sass deployed as a strategy for survival in the heteronormative hegemonic society?

Stay Sass-y 
by Thong Nguyen 
Source: facebook 

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