Sunday, March 6, 2016

The boy

There is a boy who lives at the edge of the water
By the ocean 
Beside the forest 
There he stands, nude, I said, but saw nothing 
His skin milky soft 
Honey down his cheeks 
Thighs so thick, he can lift the sky 
A mind so sharp, the sun fears his cuts of shade 
Eyes of almond tears 
And hair as black as coal 

A boy lives by the ocean 
He is to be followed 
Wind cool of mist, and weary of the heat 

My embrace thirsts for his kisses

Dear bird on the tree
Why do I fear so much 
No! She said to me
You melt to him 

Ocean, I want more! 
She said yes
Ocean, what do I do 
Go to him, and left him go? 
Yes, she said yes. 
The Mother Earth is soft 
And speaks only through supporting you 
She tells me and gives me a path
To him 
But what is this in my way? 
Naked sexy boys 
The boy has no fear
Ocean, will you heal me? 
No! Rain will heal you
In the curve of your back, you will have power
Die everyday 
And live 

To know, the boy is with you through earth.

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