Thursday, March 9, 2017

The Queen call it Reading

The Queens call it Reading
Intimately Penetrating into the Ineffable Choreographic Improvisations of Vogue

In “Improvisation in African-American Vernacular Dancing”, Cleis Albeni makes the argument for looking at improvisation, as choreography. This claim sets in motion the precedent to examine not only how dance studies examines and valuates the composition of dance, but also how dance composes its subject matter—how that subject matter is danced. This original research paper seeks to examine how dance composes the subject matter of the voguer. More specifically, the contemporary practice of voguing will be investigated as a discursive cluster of knowledge which theorizes and produces in its dancing how gender and desire can be not only represented through this improvisational technique, but also makes a claim that gender and desire are compositions in lived experience. By also looking at voguing as a dance practice embodying the Black Radical Tradition, this paper will make the case for voguing as a resistive and disruptive practice to western European thought and ordered.

The Queens call it Reading: Intimately Penetrating into the Ineffable Choreographic Improvisations of Vogue... by Prince Cuauhtii Lauren Chichimeca on Scribd

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