Sunday, June 19, 2011

ME, a thought and a video

"temoc, do you see the glass as half full or half empty"-therapist. "I don't like that question, its too judgmental, I like to see the obvious, the glass has water in it...what else matters...we need to drink"- Temoc....

It's not about positivity, nor about is about the mundane, the essential. In chemistry, a science I studied well, it was about atoms and their chemical properties....In life, the same phenomenon and logic exist...patterns, periodics, chaos, its all there, its all interrelated. Perhaps I make Dance because it is so like Chemistry. Perhaps I like Chemistry because it is so like Dance. Patterns, Movements, Reactions, New products, New Studies, Experimentation, furthering knowledge about our existence--the arts and sciences are not so different.
The Glass has water in it....

Inner peace. House of Light. Fierceness

Voguing is the Embodiment of Fierceness

What is Fierceness? Pure, amazing competence of the self, the understanding and doing of one's fabulousness.
What is fabulousness? The creations of the self, one's process, the individuals arrangement of his/her's look, health, mind, spirit, body. It is the essential beauty.

now werk!

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