Friday, August 12, 2011

The Choreographer remembers...

The Choreographer remembers...

He remembers the steps you take in your fist movements of the dance.

She remembers the proper technique you must use to execute the dance.

Ze remembers the purpose of the dance.

He remembers why you leg is unable to work today.

She remember the history of movement.

Ze remembers how it space feels, tastes, works.

He remembers time, rhythm, motion.

She remembers why spirit is so important.

He observes the world.

She remembers the history left in her body.

Ze remembers watching people walking down the street, people dancing and dancers working.

He makes sure his dancers are prepared for the work.

She knows how to push herself, her body, her mind, her spirit, and all of that of her dancers.

Ze remembers to be kind, but fierce--how to be an excellent artist.

He remembers all time and history, as long as there has been dance in movement, this is the divine material from which he make his work.

She remembers how to access dance, the most sacred dance, the dance that flows out, and cannot stop.

Ze know the world of dance well.

He remembers that life and dance, the mind and the body, cannot be separate, they exist in their oneness.

He, She, Z, Remembers...

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