Monday, August 15, 2011

I make the land holy

"Wherever a dancer stands is holy ground." - Martha Graham

I truly believe this. The dancer, as he prepares his mind, body and spirit--as he focuses his breathe, his muscles, his energy--and he initiates himself and makes time, space, force-energy his material, he blesses the world: he makes all things holy.

To the Aztec Dancers, to dance, is to bless the world, and stabilize the earth. To dance, ensure the earth keeps spinning, ensures that the cycles continue, ensure a renewal. By dancing, we effectuate balance in the world.

Yes. We as dancers are the Athletes, the Divine Warriors of The Creator. We fight, we resist death and hardship through our dancing. Our Athletic feat is to win no competition, it is to gain nothing but create, put dance into the world, and let the world take our positive dance, our energy.

The Dance Studio is a holy place....respect it.....the dance floor is holy ground, do you best work there, be yourself, you are safe there, you are loved!


a thought-poem:

There’s a time in every man’s life.

When life stops happening to him.

And when he starts happening to it.

I once wanted too much.

To be a twink.


I want to be me.

The best Cuauhtémoc possible.

The kind of gay, that is Mitote.

What kind of gay are you?



Label whore?

Scene queen?

Gym bunny?


I’m Mitote.

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