Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Open Dancer Audition for: Preservation of Time, Cuauhtemoc's MFA Thesis

Dear Dancers,

I will be holding an Open Audition for Dancers in the Bay Area to be a part of my Master's Thesis Dance Group Piece. As part of the MFA program at Mills, I will be writing a Thesis, Creating a Solo, and Creating a Group work--and it is this group work I would like outside dance talent to join me, and dance this work into existence!!

I am required to use at least 3 Mills College student Dancers, and that selection will be part of a closed audition taken earlier in the week, or at a later date. So, if you are a Mills Student, you need not come to this audition, I will find you at the other one.

I am looking for 6->8->12 dancers ( -the 3 Mills Students).
My preference, for this work, does lean to those who Male (Because Mills is mostly women dancers), and Queer People of Color.
HOWEVER, I AM LOOKING FOR BOMB-ASS WOMEN TO ROCK THE STAGE, so do not let that be a deterrent.

It is also a plus if you have done some Cunningham Technique, and have an awareness of Aztec Dance, Voguing, and/or Post-Modern dance.
"Contemporary" Dance Experience is required.

If you wish to view my Previous Work, and what I am about, please visit:

Lastly, Rehearsals will most likely be on Saturday or Sunday Afternoons; or Monday evenings (rare). They will take place at Mills College, in Oakland, and will be about 2 hours each week, every week while school is in session (Aug'11-April'12).

The Performance will take place the end of the month in April.

Thank You, and I hope to see you at this Audition.

2:00pm: show up, sign up, warm up.
2:15pm: Opening class, greetings, warm up
3:15pm: Combination and experiments.
3:45pm: cool down
4:50pm: end and questions
(this will give you a sense of my teaching style, my work, my ideas, and how I actualize the dance; I may not use the full two hours)

It will Take Place at the Mills College Dance (Haas) Pavilion, in either Studio 1 or 117.

If you have any questions, please e-mail them to me at cperanda@gmail.com

Thank You!


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