Monday, October 3, 2011

Art Advocacy

I believe there is a problem with art advocacy, dance advocacy. I think the problem is where and what we ask of our peoples.

what are some issues?
what is some dance?

1) the people who love serious dance: "dance with intent to be performed in a produced, professional manner, made by professional dance artist, to evoke some kind of catharsis, humanity, and poses strong concepts and excellence in execution" --people who love this dance, will continue to love and support it. Those who don't love it, tend to pass it not important. This is a problem, because as an dancer, I feel like my dance is contained in a world, and people are not seeing my work.

2) There is "non-serious dance": "Dance that is "for fun", dance that is extra to another medium (music videos, background dancers in stage show), clubbing, cultural fan fair (not traditional dance)---with intent to dance, not really to preform". This dance is different than "serious dance" yet too many people merge them. One could merge them, and change and swap them. It is all dance, but as serious dance artist, we need to show the divide.
This is a problem because a lot of people are experiencing this sort of dance in their lives only. Or maybe not even this kind of dance. And then there is a disregard for dance as an important art. YET!!! it is so important! so wonderful!

3) there is traditional dance--done by and for a certain purpose, for a certain community. This can be professional, sometimes non-serious, or just necessary.
This is only a problem if it is not seen as dance, but as an activity. If traditional dance is not seen as professional art, but a cultural relic, it is a problem. Dancing traditional dances is very important, but new work, seeing dance as dance, is also very important.

4) social dance--dance in the club, swing dance, salsa, tango, etc...this is the joy of the couples and of freedom.
A lot of social dances can become "serious Dance", but it take a lot of work. I mean past competition dance, but dance as expressive and communicative.

There needs to be more dance in the world, yes.
We need to encourage more dance.

But What I want to promote is "serious dance".
Dance made for the stage or other space/time.
and I want more people to see it.

there is "fun" dance. you can watch an see it too. there is dance that is entertainment, that adds onto something else ("glee", for instance: music and show and narrative is first, dance is there to add)....But dance, as a primary medium, that need to be pushed more.
that dance is its own art.
that dance has its own power.
that dance, alone, can be amazing.

I do not just dance for those who already love dance, who will see it no matter what. I dance for all people, new and old, to see work which pushes and explores the dance field.

art for art sake?
music for music sake?
dance for dance sake?

I have to say, I have no idea what this means?
When I see dance, it usually is not just for "just cuz, kicks and giggles, and something to do". Serious dance is to bring our humanity forward, and revitalize our spirits. It is ceremonial, it is performance, it is culture.
I think we need to respect our artist more.
Take away so much IDOLIZATION from movie stars, politicians, businessmen and engineers, rich people, but honor too the richness in our artist, culturalist...

--do not just honor the rich who are rich by money or political power, but honor too those who are rich by vision, culture, and excellence in their field, craft, art, and science--

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