Friday, May 25, 2012


I love you


When I say I love you

I am not saying: “I want to fuck you”
“Please marry me”
“I will take a bullet for you”
“You mean the world to me—you are my world”


When I say I love you

I am saying
I love you, in the most honest and beautiful way

I am saying
That I appreciate you and your existence

I am saying, a greeting, a hello, an honoring

What I mean is

The world would not be complete without your life’s presence in it.

I love you
And all that you are

I am thanking you for being a friend

When I say I love you
I am blessing you with the most essential prayer
Giving thanks to the creator, your mother, your father, for your mind, blood, and spirit

I am

Making a connection between our hearts, or light
I love you
Says, we are together—in peace—and I am happy

“I love you”
is the most precious gift
I make, and it is also,
The most mundane, the essential

Preciously abundant
Yet wrapped in a packet of words,
Humm, glance, breathe

I love you

And thank you
For being here with me

Thank you for being a friend

I love you

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