Thursday, May 24, 2012

Tips for the decolonizers

What I have discovered is that Sacredness is at odds with queer culture....It was not always this way, but it is now. Sex, Love, Play, Tobacco, Alcohol, food, Mal-nutrition, peace, love, art, logic, beautifulness has been plagued by the so called "sexual revolution" and "radical queer liberation"--they are just decolonize myself, I must now, dig deeper than ever before, and relinquish my ties to self-destruction...onward, to self-preservation and vitalization, onward to dancing!

Tips for the decolonizers

            Sex is a beautiful aspect of humanity, which changes into making love with care, love, honesty, communication, and passion. In the most risky, most passionate manner of our lives, when we are absolutely open, love is made, fabricated, created, out of the simple touch, a sacred “hug”, a ceremony through sex.
            The colonization is “fucking”—where the action of sex is close, emotionless, and rude. It is not primitive; it is simple lust, and fulfilling a false-necessity to orgasm. Often, sex/fucking is done for alternative motives: to gain respect, to gain a relationship, status, adventure, and injure the body by use of drugs and dangerous sex—the appeal of self-destruction, but never dying—a false immortality. Fucking, it is dangerous—but can also be fun—but what is truly useful, truly necessary, is sex-making-love…that is internal fierceness.

            Love is beauty—it is peace—it is creation—it is necessarily human. Destruction, is a form of love—by destructing oneself, one is also creating oneself, but in many little pieces. To shed, to flay one’s skin, is to be reborn a new—destruction can often lead to light. Yet, the opposite of love is static-indifference and his is where Self-Destruction lies. By being self-destructive, you are hurting yourself, for alternative motives—to party, to get high, to get laid—but you are also hurting others—shame, disgrace, disrespect, rudeness; AND YOU SIMPLY DO NOT CARE. There are ways to party, “get high”, and get laid which are constructive, or destructive, but in an honest and careful manner, a manner made out of love…
            Do more with love, care, and create yourself—do not ignore reality just for another hit of the deviant “lime light”.

            Play is what we learn when we are little. It is the training for us to become adults. We share, we make mistakes, we say we are sorry, we respect our elders, and each other—we look up and see a beautiful world, we explore, ask questions, and learn.
            Do not forget to play, or rather, do not forget how to play.
            There is this idea of “experimentation” that really is a complete lie. Experimentation follows some sort of Scientific Method: has a system, a process, a hypothesis, a test, and a conclusion based on results. When I see children “experiment with sex/drug/crime/awful things”, I see self-destruction, and disrespect—or really, immature, rude play. It is not an experiment, it is bad, mean, unhealthy play—which translates to a training to be a bad, mean, unhealthy adult. Cease bad play, cease training yourself to be unbalanced. 
Do not forget to play, or rather, do not forget how to play.

            Keep Tobacco Sacred.
            Tobacco is an artifact of peace. It calms the spirit, and allows for negotiation of the soul—the individual, with the world. As an artifact of peace, it is a method of love. Offering it to the world as prayer, smoking it as prayer, blessing it as prayer, being with it, as prayer. It is a sacred item…          
            There are companies who miss-use Tobacco. Selling it for profit, addicting people, and these people, smoking it in an unsacred way—destroying their bodies: Self-Destruction. This is sad, unfortunate…
            Keep Tobacco Sacred, use as prayer, not as ignorance.

            Have fun, be safe, get wild, get wasted, recover, and rejoice.
            One can have fun with alcohol. The liver is different than the lung—the lung does not regenerate, while the liver, well, it is magic. However, too much, such as daily, use of high volumes of alcohol, is self-destructive: meaning, there are alternate motives to getting drunk… Rather than changing one’s mind space, feeling a bit happier, calming nerves, alcohol is used to ignore the world, ignore the self, and this causes harm. Escapism is bad and difficult because there is a belief that the truth hurts, rather than it being liberating. To escape into the bottle, into the dwells of alcohol, is dangerous…being too drunk is dangerous…
            Remember how to play…

             Food is delicious and should be eaten.
            Highly processes foods should cost more than natural stuff made from the earth—it doesn’t really make much sense.
            Never be ashamed to eat—listen to your body, it will tell you what it needs by telling you what your are craving and hungry for…
            Only those who know how to listen, can listen to their bodies, and not their colonization, their self-destruction, their alternative motives.
            Have pleasure in eating. Have pleasure in growing. Have pleasure in preparing food.
            To go out and eat is a beautiful thing, let it be so…

            Love your body. Protect your body. It is your first house where your light, your soul, and your fierceness live. Feed it with love, food, friendship, experiences, dance, art, knowledge, stories, adventures, exercise, family, sunlight, water, and rest.
            Do not be afraid to eat. Do not be afraid to eat what you need. Do not be afraid to move, work-out, become strong—in your own way. To not be afraid to be uniquely you. We must eat, it is the essential biomechanical process of our existence.
            To not eat, or, to eat in excess, or to eat that which will hurt us (self-destruction), to gain something else is not worth it. To be healthy is to be in balance, in tune, in tone. Time and space washes over us, as we live our lives, and as we move, we can make and shape our futures. We can make ourselves more nutritious for other to taste and consume—we can share our health with the world.

            To be without disturbance, in a chaotic tornado of life. It is control through balance of complete freedom and trust that everything is as it needs to be. Relinquish oneself to the world allows understanding and control in it. True peace is hard to find…but it is a life journey.
            Peace on the dance floor, in the streets—to be aware and happy, that you are alive, and everything is as it needs to be. Even in the rainstorm, there is peace and beauty. Your action is to accept the world, and more with it.

            This is all about love. Cry, yes, you love yourself, and yes, you are beautiful, and yes, everything is as it needs to be, and yes, love will bring your to your salvation—it is salvation.
            Finding your romantic love is a lie. It is a fantasy brought by others onto you. It is colonization. Finding your partner, with whom you share love—this is truth. It is beautiful; it is pure, and unafraid.
            The desperate need for validation, for sex, for equality, for company, for love, indicated a loss of self love, a loss of self confidence, self esteem, or self security. Often, when we are most unsafe, we seek out love to protect us, and guide us. But, one has enough love inside themselves, to be happy and protected—it takes bravery and training (play), but everything will be okay.
            Self-love, it is healthy, it is beautiful, it is safe.

            The purist form of love, of creation, of human expression-communication, is art. Its goal is not to entertain, it is not to be a target of lust, it is to express an idea, which cannot be expressed in another way. A dance speaks as a dance does: it dances. A poem speaks as a poem must: it moves though poetics and images and meanings via words. A painting speaks as a painting must: it shows, it emotes, it demonstrated in multi-ways of understanding. Music speaks as it does, its sonic universe lets us ride and feel, because it is that—a ride, a feeling.
            Art has both objectivity and subjectivity—there are right answers and wrong ones—but it all depends on context, design, and intention. And of course, it is always negotiable.
            Express yourself, as you need. Be aware, and move through art, as you must. Love will be your guiding force.

            Logic is following what makes sense next, and it is aware of the task at hand. It makes decisions to find the best results, and the “correct” answer for the situation at the time. Without love, it is a dry process; but with care and love, logic is the tool necessary for action and guiding us through this world.
            So much self-destruction is sadly, illogical—though it is sad, it is truth, and it makes sense that it is this way. For logic tell us, that if we go out, and hook-up with many people, while ingesting too much weed and alcohol, and having unprotected sex, we will most likely injury ourselves, our bodies, our heart, our spirit, others, our family, our communities, everything. Logic also tells us having a few drinks is fun—but logic does not tell us, having a too many more will be extra fun—it will be disastrous and dangerous. What, then, tells us to continue down the road of risk and rudeness? Ignoring logic, creating a false reality where logic is different, lies—why? To gain something, even though the result will be pain—the something gained, seen at the time, is somehow more important that self-preservation and love.
            Sacrifice—the ultimate question of logic… To use one’s time and energy for something else other than living. To destroy one’s self in order to save others, or in order to recreate the self. Sacrificing relationships, friendships, family, in order to create more peace in the world, and more love...this is all wonderful, and is good logic…. Sacrificing self-love for “fun”—this is not good, for to destroy love is scary and harmful—moreover, fun, can be gained with love, so there is no logical sense made here….
            Logic, is us remembering to dance in the rain, because it is beautiful.

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