Monday, July 16, 2012

i am not single

I do not consider myself single.
I do not consider myself gay.

I do not consider myself a lot of things….

I do not have a boyfriend,
But, I am not single.
I do not have a girlfriend,
But, I am not single.

What is this?

I think I call myself: “being mused”….

I do not have a partner…



I am happy.

I am playful.

I am wise.

I am a dancer.

I dance.

I am a choreographer.

I am an intellectual.

I contemplate…

I am complete, and I am growing….

I have a lot of people in my life.

I am not single or alone.

I am a piece of many.

I am a part of a whole.

I am not poly-amorous.

I love many people.

I am in love, romance, with 1 person…

Why has single become synonymous with alone?  

I am a part of a whole.

And, I have sex, make love, with whom I choose.

I choreograph my own life with the help of THE GREAT CHOREOGAPHER, the Creator.

I believe in marriage.
But, I also believe in creativity, creation, and partnership.
I believe relationships are created by people, humans—not by rules or laws… or fantasies for that manner.
I believe all relationships are sacred…all people, all life, is sacred…treat it with respect and love.

I do not believe I will need a partner to raise a child---I think creating life, and building a person is a beautiful act, and I would love to take part in that art someday….not now…but someday….

If a village raises a child, then, I am fine, I have my community, my village—my kid will be fine.

And, I am happy with who I am and what I have at the moment.

All is great and good.

I love, and I choreograph my own life.

If I had to label myself:

Name: Cuauhtemoc Peranda, Prince Devin Lauren of the House of Lauren, M.F.A.
Age: 23
Race/Ethnicity: Native American & Mexican-American, Aztec/Mexican & Mescalero Apache, and White. 
Gender: Butch Queen with a Twist
Sex: Male
Community: Aztec Community of Dancers and Traditionalist of California, Santa Cruz of California Residents and Homies, Sna Francisco Bay Area Artist and Dancers, Ballroom Scene Children and Legendaries of California and Chicago, Performance Studies Artist and Scholars, Native American Contemporary Artist, Modern Dancers, & the Two-Spirits. 
Religion: Aztlan
Place of birth: San Jose, California.
Occupation: Choreographer, Dancer, Educator, Artist, Writer, and unemployed (temporary).

Happiness does not look the same to everyone.
Happiness is not comfort, and it is not given…it is made…

I make my happiness with the people around me, with dance and love and kindness….

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