Thursday, July 26, 2012

Cuauhtemoc Peranda Mitote is committed to social/cultural and performance research, continual contemplative and physical practice, rigorous innovation and experimentation, production of dynamic performance artwork, continuing and inspiring artistic expression for the communities which we represent, cultivating passion for dance in others, and supporting others in reaching their potential.
The Philosophy of Cuauhtemoc Peranda Mitote is Excellence, Compassion, Fierceness, and Beholding.
Looking to ancestral memory via movement exploration and research, rigorous exploration of embodied history is at the center of the company’s practice. Collaborating with artists, scientist, scholars, families and communities, the dances created seek to create a dynamic experience of live performance that yields cultural insight into our existence.

Mitote: Nahuatl: Dreams Danced into Reality by the gathering of Beholding and Creating. Mitote: Spanish: Savagery, Gossip (can you tell the Spanish colonized my Native words?) Mitote: Cuauhtemoc: Shade/Reading/Performance/Danc​e/Event/Occurrence/Beholding--​Practice of the House of Light, Andale Cabronz!

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