Wednesday, August 29, 2012


Cuauhtemoc Peranda:

I am a quare, indigenous, xicano dancer, choreographer, traditional and contemporary artist, and writer. I am from Santa Cruz California--but I consider myself from the Bay Area. My work, Choreography, explore pure-unadorned steps, shapes, forms, and rhythms gathered from ancestral memory, and tends to hold themes and issues of race, gender, sexuality, sub- & Counter- Culture. I hold and MFA in Dance from Mills College, and a BA in Comparative Studies in Race and Ethnicity from Stanford University. My current projects are developing Mitote-- a Dance form which merges contemporary and traditional dance practices, blurring the lines between ritual and performance, but in a modern sensibility. Mitote is an mix of Inter-tribal Dance, Jazz, Ballet, Modern&Post-Modern Dance, Contemporary Dance, Aztec Dance, and Voguing     

I currently work at the Indian Health Center of Santa Clara Valley, and run my Mitote Dance Company, along with the Santa Cruz Chamber Ballet, and perform as an independent artist.

My dream is to be a Professor of Dance and Performance Practice and Studies, focusing on Queer People of Color Performance.... but that a while from now, a dream, years in the making.

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