Monday, September 10, 2012

Titles, Cargos & Palabras

Titles I carry:
(Reasons why I am so stressed out sometimes, this is a lot to carry)

·         Cuauhtemoc Peranda.
·         Son of Amparo De Anda, the Therapist, Traje Maker, and Malinzin.
·         Prince Devin Lauren of the House of Lauren and House of Cartier, under Overall Father Lauren of Chicago and Overall Mother Chela Cartier of Los Angles.
·         Mellon-Mays Fellow.
·         Master of Fine Arts of Dance.
·         Sergento de Danza Azteca, Tlaloc-Chalchihutlicue Danza Azteca San Jose.
·         Alumnus of Phi Kappa Psi, Stanford University, Former HI and Phu.
·         Alumnus of Stanford University.
·         Alumnus of Mills College.
·         Choreographer.
·         Founding Artistic Director of Cuauhtemoc Peranda Mitote Dance Company.
·         Director of Choreography of Santa Cruz Chamber Ballet.
·         Admin. Assistant of the Indian Health Center of Santa Clara Valley.
·         Dancer, Freelance Artist.
·         Dancer of Theatre of Yugen.
·         Artist and Scholar of Dance and Performance Arts.
·         Warrior, Mexica People.
·         Two-Spirit.

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