Sunday, September 16, 2012


The World Premiere of John O’Keefe’s 

Mystical Abyss 

directed by Theatre of Yugen’s Founder Yuriko Doi is coming to ODC Theater, September 27-30, 2012

Sept. 27 at 7pm
Sept. 28 at 7pm
Sept. 29 at 3pm | 7pm
Sept. 30 at 2pm

Mystical Abyss is a compelling visceral kaleidoscope of intercultural fusion performance touching upon the hopelessness of global conflict, and our need as a species to be reborn.
Part dance, part theatre, part animation, Mystical Abyss is a powerful, visually striking response by director Yuriko Doi to the current state of the world. Infused with the potent elegance of the Noh theatre, the raw athleticism of modern dance, and the numinous energy of the flute and drum, Mystical Abyss interweaves the creation stories of ancient Japan and the Iroquois Nations. It questions the state of our Earth and proposes a never-ending pageant of life and death as magnificent as it is merciless.

Written by John O’Keefe (USA)
Directed by Yuriko Doi (USA)
Choreography by Shiro Nomura (Japan) Jesus Jacoh Cortes (USA)
Musical Direction by Narumi Takizawa (Japan)
Composed by Narumi Takizawa (Japan) and Kenny Perkins (USA)
Animation by Taketo Kobayashi and Koya Takahashi (Japan)
Set Design by Renta Kouchi (Japan)
Lighting Design by Stephen Siegel (USA)
Costume Design by Risa Lenore Dye (USA)

Performed by Janelle Ayon (USA), Jesus Jacoh Cortes (USA), Jubilith Moore (USA), Cuauhtemoc Peranda (USA), Kenny Perkins (USA), Roger Perkins (USA), Lluis Valls (USA), Iroquois Consultant Roger Perkins (USA), and from Japan: the Noh Music and Dance Ensemble with Masashi Nomura, Narumi Takizawa, and Yoshio Ueno


$17.00 to $45.00

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