Thursday, October 25, 2012

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The Boy Who Fell From the Sky: Dance Performance
Sunday November 04, 2012  8pm

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The Boy Who Fell From the Sky


Peranda Mitote

$20 Adv. $25 Dr. - 8pm

Sunday, NOV
The Boy Who Fell From The Sky
….a gift from above, a sentiment for creation….
 The Boy Who Fell From The Sky is a collection of small dances set in a large performance event, mitote. Each dance follows the themes of “struggle, rebirth, and creation”—setting a certain tone of “hope and possibly” for the night of dancing. The inspiration for this concert comes from the Iroquois creation myth, of how the earth came into being: “A sky woman falls down, into a world made of water and sky, and upon a turtle’s back she rubs earth and clay, and there the land, the earth was made”. Yet, in the fashion of Mitote, Cuauahtemoc Peranda decided to change the story, and make the one who falls from the sky, not a woman, not a man, but a boy—full of innocence, magic, and wonder. In following his Aztec name, Cuauhtemoc, meaning “Descending Eagle & The Messenger of The Gods to The People”, he is creating a world of imagination and necessary messages of self-creation and community renewal. And, with works from guest artists Jochelle Pereña, Kristin Torok, and Elizabeth Morales, this performance event, mitote, creates a mythic space for inspiring creation in all those who are present. A dynamic night of contemporary dance, The Boy Who Fell From The Sky is not a performance to be missed!

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