Friday, November 30, 2012

Why do men have sex with multiple People?

Why do men have sex with multiple People?

{There are a few reasons I have found, in my life, in myself, in the Golden Girls… all of which lead to an incomplete list of rational, or rather, answers to a question. This does not mean they are right, take place all at once to create a complete answer, but these are some answers…. Though I know men are not the only people who have sex with multiple partners, women, and third-genders do too, but this is only what I found out for men….


Well miss thing, it’s because:

They sluts. They just like to do it, and it is in their nature. It is a natural thing for them to want, and so they do it…no reason.

They  scum. They are just awful people, without good care as to what their actions do to other people, their partners, or other men. They are scum.

They are horny. Men, some, most, then to always just want sex. When a man spots his sexual desired individual, boom, he becomes aroused, and his penis erect. And, he wants to have sex with him. There is no logic or dive, just a want, a need to have sex, to fuck. Sometimes there is no emotion, no intelligence, just a hard penis, and a nice ass or vagina… that’s it… he’s a horny dude… and he need to fuck!

Genetic impulse to spread seed. Men are an evolved species, just as much as any other species on this earth. They have a need to procreate, and preserve their genetic code, and help it evolve. It is part of the creative nature of man. He must create as many versions of himself, with as many people as possible, to ensure he is survived in others, with others.

Psychological impulse to spread seed. Men, in their minds, not necessarily from upbringing, have a mental need to spread seed, or, just have had sex with the most people.  Simply put:  “have been in everyone, therefore top dog”—he wants to have been with everyone, wants to be the top, Alfa male—Zeus was this kind of man, and he was a God, a man of warship, with a huge ego… yes, sex is an ego boost for men:  ego impulse.

They don’t get enough from their wives/partners. Let’s say a man is a sexual being, because he is. He needs sex once a week, once a month, once a day, once every 3 hours, what have you—if his sexual partner does not provide him with adequate opportunities for sex—and a good variety of sexual experiences—he can find sex elsewhere. Sex can be found in loose women, loose men, or for purchase. The sexual drive is strong enough to seek it out anywhere..why do they do this? Because the need for sex parallels a need for food…

They want to taste every flavor. Perhaps the man has all the sex he wants, he still want to taste flavors of sex. Everyone in the world has their own flavor, because they are all individuals. No matter the person, their sex will be different, and a man, may want to have tried all that he can before he dies. White, black, latino, native, Indian, asian, icelantic, whatever…the man want to have had it. 

They are a bored. Sometimes a man gets bored, and like he could play checkers, read a book, maybe he’d just like to have sex. Maybe he’s not okay with the sex he has right now, maybe a fight, but instead of going to yoga, or just masturbating, he goes and has sex with someone, just because he feels like it.

As many hot people as possible—winning. Sometimes a man wants to have sex with as a many “babes” or “hotties” as possible. The reason for this could be an ego based, but this usually comes from feeling inadequate or overzealous. If inadequate, the sexiness or desirability of the sexual partner gives the man their sexiness, or worthiness thought the action of having sex—the rational: being able to sleep with hot people means he’s hot, even though he may not consider himself that hot. If overzealous, to fuel the man’s image or ego, he has sex with hot people, because he can, because people desire him. He picks from the best, because he cans, thus fueling his image. Both entertain this image of “WINNING”. To win in life is to be rich, famous, and have access to as many babes as you want, whenever you want. Sex, Money, Freedom, Permission, Respect—all of it…

No one will actually form a relationship, and they need sex because they are horny. This issue is common in the young gay community. Often times a man will find that he is in need of sex, or love, or romance, or just company of another—he dates multiple people, because none of them are ready for a title of “girlfriend” or “boyfriend”—not ready for a real relationship—in fear of hurt, or just because of the uncertain tendency of the future. Whatever the reason may be, there is no one present to provide consistent attention to the man’s sexual needs, and thus, he goes and find others.

Foreplay is their fetish. Some men never really want to have sex, and never want to have a sexual, deeply meaningful relationship. Rather, their sexual play, and sexual needs, are satisfied at, or stop at, foreplay—the chase, the play, the game. Dating guys or girls, getting them to buy drinks, getting them to bed, and leaving is their need. Anything more is extra or extraneous. They love the chase and the game, and so they date, have foreplay, or have sex with multiple people, because that is their need.

Flirting and teasing is their fetish, they crave and desire the experience. Some like the experience of flirting with other, and this could be their sexual need. They may have sex with one person, be committed, but need to feel wanted by other, and be able to flirt with others. Because this does not often work in a traditional monogamous relationship, the man often finds issues, and drama, this leads past flirting into sexual encounters.

Revenge. Some men use sex as a weapon, either against their sexual partner, or against someone external of the sexual experience. Some men have sex with their buddy’s wife in order to get revenge for personal wrong doing by his buddy to him. Some men have sex with a sexual partner, in order to end agreements, or just to settle things, as to who is top, who is in charge. Many issues can be resolved through sex, and they have been so for generations. Sex can be a physical transaction, a way of doing business, and in order for this to happen, a man must have sex with multiple people. “It’s just business”

Power/rape. Rather than gaining status, such as ego boost from having sex with multiple people, some men wish to actually gain power over the sexual partner, moreover, power over many people—and he achieves this through sex. This can go further into forcefully having sex with others, in order to gain power, which is rape. Men are not the only ones to do this, but it is a very historic form of battle, and of power.  


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