Monday, December 3, 2012

The ridiculousness of hotness

The ridiculousness of hotness

Okay. Diversity. There is no one way to raise a child, there is no one way to live a good life, there is no one way to be a scientist, and there is no one way to be a sexy person.

Cool. Diversity lives in the idea of multiplicity—the idea that one idea is variable, but still consistent to its principles.

So what of “attractiveness” and “hotness”? These ideas I have thought about for a while, mainly because I have never understood them. I find certain people attractive, but not everyone also finds them attractive.
I think to myself, how could this be? Isn’t there a standard?

Well, there is a standard, but it is not the only version of hot. “Hotness and attractiveness” is diverse.

Look, fat people are beautiful. Skinny people are beautiful. Athletic people are beautiful. And balanced people are beautiful. Everyone is beautiful, that is a fact.
Everyone is hot, and everyone deserves to be hot too!

The fact of the matter is people try to force ONE idea of “hotness” and “worthiness” onto others…which is not okay, and this needs to stop. Yes, Ke$ha is hot, but she is not the only kind of hot out there.

So here is what I have to say

1) everyone is hot
2) what matters in life is love and the goodness of people
3) true diversity
4) people can turn and bring negative energy, but they do not always mean it
5) there is a standard of hotness, but it is false
6) the standard of hotness exist to discriminate and control
7) we need to learn to love each other, stop calling certain people hot, and others not. We need to see the beauty in everyone.

Look. Models are hot. Yes. But so are you. And so am I. we are all hot. Models are no hotter than anyone else—they just have a standard body that works for fashion and runways. They are not perfect people, and no, not everyone can be them. Not everyone can be you. Not everyone can be me.

We are each blessed with our own gifts, and problems—we are all beautiful.

There really exist no ugly in the world. Just beauty we don’t understand.
Death and destruction can be just as beautiful as birth and growth. It is all part of the world, and it is all a part of us.

The “fat chick” should not be seen as any less attractive than the “skinny bitch”. The “fat dude” should not be seen as less attractive than the “greek god”. There are more things to people than their body’s looks. And, there is deep beauty in the bodies we consider lesser than, just as there is deep beauty in bodies we find better than.

I ask, look at people.
I ask, do not be superficial.
I ask, give thanks to the gifts you have.
And I ask, that you give back, and give love to those who still need it.

Thank you


hotness is not the same as sexiness
hotness is not the same as fierceness

hotness is an adjective that usually means good-looking or one that posses physically attractive features.
But again, this whole note is about how there is no such thing as “good-looking” or “physical attractive” person. Per-person, we each find something attractive in others. But not everyone can agree. There is no such thing as a generalized good-looking or hot person. Stop fooling yourself, and stop trying to be anything other than who you are. If you are the “standard”, then so be it. If you are not the “standard”, then so be it. We need to learn to live in harmony, and accept each other’s beauties.

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