Monday, May 12, 2014


There is an art inside me.
A dance inside me.
Which I do not control.
It exists on its own.
And it makes itself know.
It is larger than me.
More powerful than me.
And will live longer than my flesh could ever dream to withstand.
The test of time and space bow to this art, dance, energy’s greatness.
I too bow down to it.
I wish I could be something else.
I have tried to be like other boys.
And in some ways, I was very successful at “out doing” other boys most precious talents.
But I always failed to continue their road.
I fell off their tracks.
Landed in the smelly mud.
Tasted defeat, mixed with the glory of hole most dark and mysterious.  Precious. Disgraceful. Necessary.
There I found the light of myself.
Indestructible goodness.
Core and lonjas.
KA-BOOM: baby I am here to shake the earth, and blow your mind!!!!!!!!



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