Friday, May 30, 2014

morning coffee in 4 directions

With a mind and habits of an old man: I wake early, sip my coffee, and talk to the birds and trees. I see the elders of the community as my close friends, I love being awake and alive! 
With a heart of a little boy, I play with my feet in the sand and reach to the clouds born out of sunlight. I laugh and smile to the strangers others forget are their friends.
With the body of a young stud-- I dance I run I prance I spin and I lift. Kissing and touching aya onde de platique -- pleasuring lovers of the mist on the dawn.
With the spirit of a god, glitter pours from my lips and eyes, fingertips up in smoke, peaceful sage surrounds my embrace, as the earth tells me softly, you are home my dear, azucar!

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